Write-up No.7: Drama Joce – This Is Drama *Mixtape*

Drama Joce is a 17 year-old femcee out of Philadelphia. The MysfitMuziQ rapper’s second mixtape dropped on September 11th. Let’s take a look.

Drama gives us a quick, straight to the point mixtape. Her first song, “Cypher”, leads in with a quick verse with references to thee ever popular computer rapper to the movie players club. “Cypher” is all about bars and Drama proves that she has them.

Eldric comes hitting hard with a feature on “They Gotta Love Me.” Eldric’s rapid flow slows into punch line after punch line until Drama’s chorus comes in. She follows up with a dope verse – “I just want them digits, I ain’t talking bout your number. When I pull up, I go *beep beep* then I’m off, Road Runner.”

“The Vent” is Drama’s most profound and top 3 best song on the tape. From talking about her family to her upbringing to her thoughts on society she tackles so many topics. “I can’t let the system win again. Every summer’s a bummer, I always lose a friend.” This is the track that everyone should every if they don’t listen to he whole tape.  Powerful.

This is a short tape, so I won’t write too much about the songs and take away your listening pleasure. Go take in some dope rhymes.

Download: http://tweetmymixtape.com/72ids6

Website: http://lovewakisha215.wix.com/dramajoce

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DramaKidJoce

Twitter: @DramaJoce

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/lovewakisha215

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