Write-up No.3: Moose – Mixed Emotions *Mixtape*

17-year-old Moose dropped his sophomore mixtape last Friday, June 15, 2012 and it was incredible. He is a talent that you don’t want to miss out on. I can see Moose having a home here on JReidMusic.net

From the first verse on this mixtape, Moose delivers thought-provoking rhymes coupled with hard-hitting lines. He definitely sets out to differentiate himself apart from today’s bubblegum rappers with the first track ‘All In (Remix).’ Moose definitely feels as if he is on a top-tier that few reach in hip-hop. He gives insight into why he started rapping and the things most important to his life while talking about his recording lifestyle. Moose keeps up these topics throughout the mixtape, cementing these facts into your mind.

‘Lost Ones (Remix)’ dives a bit deeper into Moose’s feelings. The first line is “We used to be all good, now all we ever do is argue”. Something anyone that has ever been in a relationship can  relate to. Without spoiling the story, Moose tells an excellent tale about the ups and downs of relationships. I need to get a hold of J.Cole to show him this beautifully constructed remix.

‘Jealousy’ and ‘Duke Westlake Cypher’ are both filled with metaphors, punch lines and dope beats that will leave your heart beating intensely. These two are the type of songs that you workout to and they will be on your playlists asap. I’m so hype after these two songs it’s crazy. Just Listen.

‘Unthinkable (Remix)’ is Moose’s deepest song on this tape – right before ‘Lost Ones (Remix) and Tell Me (How You Feel). I’ve heard this song a while back on YouTube and I love listening to it. It’s very introspective and will likely provoke a self-reflection of your own. This is one of his best songs. I won’t talk any more about this song, just do yourself a favor and go listen to it.

‘Mixed Emotions’ is another profound self-reflective song. Leon Hayward is featured on the chorus and he really adds a dimension to the track that couldn’t be reached by Moose. Moose is faced with a choice of music or a woman. He struggles with finding the perfect balance between the two and this song is his way of sorting out his Mixed Emotions.

I didn’t write about every song, but they definitely could have all had separate write-ups. This 18-song mixtape should absolutely be in your media player. 

Download: http://www.datpiff.com/Moose-Mixed-Emotions-mixtape.362513.html

Website: http://moosemusic956.tumblr.com/

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Twitter: @Moos3Music

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MultiM00S3