Write-up No.16: B.Aull – Revolution *Mixtape*

A frequent feature of JReidMusic.net, B.Aull, has brought his sophomore mixtape out to the world. Unfortunately if you’re like me, you can’t watch him perform at the KahBang Music & Art Festival today, so you have to listen to this mixtape and hope that some video of his performance pops up. Let’s dive into this mixtape.

AullThat is leading the ‘Revolution’ repping the 207 extremely hard on the first two tracks “Revolution” ft. B Leve and “Maine Attraction” ft. Spose. All three go hard for Maine and their quest to take over.

“Addiction” is an excellent song. ILLijah crooning blends perfectly with B.Aull’s and Kyle Bent’s verses. This song needs to be a single and have a music video accompanied with it. Your move, Mr. Aull.

My favorite new favorite track on the tape right above Addiction is “Let Me Go”. Murdering the XXYYXX “About You” track, B.Aull talks about a familiar topic to many of us. If you don’t listen to any other track on the tape, this has to be the one. FIRE…

Fresh Prince Of Maine… C’mon. B.Aull remixes the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Listen to it. Nuff Said.

Overall this tape was pretty damn good. This guy should def be on your upcoming artists watch.

Watch the official music video to the “Kool-aid” below

Listen to “Maine Attraction” ft. Spose

B.Aull Website: aullthat.tumblr.com/

B.Aull Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aullthat

B.Aull Twitter: @AullThat

B.Aull YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/AullThatTv