Write-up No.7: Drama Joce – This Is Drama *Mixtape*

Drama Joce is a 17 year-old femcee out of Philadelphia. The MysfitMuziQ rapper’s second mixtape dropped on September 11th. Let’s take a look.

Drama gives us a quick, straight to the point mixtape. Her first song, “Cypher”, leads in with a quick verse with references to thee ever popular computer rapper to the movie players club. “Cypher” is all about bars and Drama proves that she has them.

Eldric comes hitting hard with a feature on “They Gotta Love Me.” Eldric’s rapid flow slows into punch line after punch line until Drama’s chorus comes in. She follows up with a dope verse – “I just want them digits, I ain’t talking bout your number. When I pull up, I go *beep beep* then I’m off, Road Runner.”

“The Vent” is Drama’s most profound and top 3 best song on the tape. From talking about her family to her upbringing to her thoughts on society she tackles so many topics. “I can’t let the system win again. Every summer’s a bummer, I always lose a friend.” This is the track that everyone should every if they don’t listen to he whole tape.  Powerful.

This is a short tape, so I won’t write too much about the songs and take away your listening pleasure. Go take in some dope rhymes.

Download: http://tweetmymixtape.com/72ids6

Website: http://lovewakisha215.wix.com/dramajoce

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DramaKidJoce

Twitter: @DramaJoce

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/lovewakisha215

Write-up No.6: Tay Devito – High Roller Dreaming *Mixtape*

I received a mixtape from a 22-year-old Chicago native earlier in the week . This is the Po Me Up Gang and The UC member’s first mixtape. With a name like Tay Devito, you have to be dope on the mic.

Devito starts off his mixtape talking about the finer things in life such as cars, clothes and women. He explains what “High Roller Dreaming” is on the track in which he boosts about his great life. Stay tuned.

“TMF” is an engaging song that will have you singing the hook by the end. Devito absolutely murders his verse and with the assistance of Pretty Chick and E-Man the familiar beat was demolished. This song should be played in the club right after the song that inspired it. It would have the club just as hype as that original.

As a change of the mood is needed, Devito makes the ladies “Scream” with the sensual track. Matt B’s chorus comes in guaranteed to get the ladies dripping and setting up for second verse that brings em home. The only thing that was missing in this song was moans from a sexy voice in the background. Matt B takes over the bridge as he drives in the point. This song should definitely be in your “sock-on-the-door” play list.

“GreenLight Flow” that features E-Man, Ls and Ghost Gedda simply goes hard. Nuff Said.

Devito ends his mixtape over a mellow beat with a song called “MMI” which stands for Me, Myself and I. He talks about making it in a world that shows no mercy. This track provides inspiration to all.

Overall Tay Devito brings a sound that blends Tyga’s unorthodox flow with the slow, methodical style of Ace Hood. Download and vibe out as Devito shows what “High Roller Dreaming” really is.

Download: http://www.datpiff.com/Tay-Devito-High-Roller-Dreaming-mixtape.386627.html

Website: http://taydevito.wix.com/taydevito

Twitter: @taydevito71

Write-up No.5: Malik Ferraud – DAMN *Mixtape*

I recently received an email from a management team submitting a song review for an artist from Baltimore named Malik Ferraud. I misread the email and ended up reviewing the entire mixtape. It was a great few hours spent.

Malik Ferraud kicks off the tape with sounds clips of multiple scenes with the word “Damn” from the Friday trilogies. After the funny intro, Ferraud wastes no time giving “Flowers to the Competition” as they love to hate him and hate to love him.

As Ferraud next tract comes in to share a story of struggling to cope with life, I can’t help but wonder what this guy is about. The following “Around the World” gives insight into that very question. I love this type of laid back track that makes me think there’s nothing that any man can’t accomplish.

“Mental Thoughts” and “Burns and Scars” displays Ferraud’s lyrical ability excellently. These two songs showed he can switch up that laid back, almost lazy, flow that he brings and really excels with what he does.

In “You’re Making Me High,” Malik Ferraud shares his love for and thoughts on weed. No need to ask him about it, listen to this song to understand his views. His smoking devotion is on a whole ‘nother level when it comes to this Tony Braxton sample.

Ferraud’s “Traffic Jam” is one of the best songs on this tape. He perfectly uses a metaphor of traffic to explain his life. If you say that you can’t relate to this track, please exit the room. Phil Ade provides an excellent verse similar to Ferraud’s. However, Phil Ade brought a different flow and energy to this song that elevates this song to a hit. The tape, up to this point – subtracting “Mental Thoughts” and “Burns and Scars” – had been a “watered down” version of this song.

Lastly, I couldn’t decide which song I wanted to write on since Ferraud stepped his game up with the last third of his tracks making it so hard to choose.
I’ll just close it with saying the mixtape is a great compilation of songs that’ll most likely go excellent with a long drive, a good smoke or some deep thought. ‘DAMN’ that was good!

Listen to the Phil Ade featured, Nefarious produced “Traffic Jam” below:

Download Single: http://soundcloud.com/malikferraud/malik-ferraud-phil-ade-traffic

Download Mixtape: http://www.datpiff.com/Malik-Ferraud-DAMN-Malik-Ferraud-mixtape.358202.html

Alternate Download Mixtape: http://malikferraud.bandcamp.com/

Website: http://www.malikferraud.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MalikFerraud

Twitter: @malikferraud

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/MalikFerraudMusic