Born 1991 in Michigan. J Reid moved from Michigan to Indiana when he was three. The first glimpse of lyrical writing talent was shown was in his third grade year, at the tender age of nine, when he wrote his first poem. He became engrossed in Hip Hop and the art form of Rapping soon after, in which the credit can be given to Ludacris and Eminem.
In his fifth grade year he wrote his first full length song with 2 verses and a chorus, along with another student, titled Just Starting Out. Another milestone in his early career.
Reid continued writing poetry and verses off an on throughout the years until moving back to Michigan. Leaving friends, combined with the lack of time, ultimately lead to him to stop writing both poetry and music in his 10th grade year. Approximately one year after he stopped writing, at his new school, during his 11th grade year he wrote a poem to be read during a public speaking class. After a lot of positive feedback, poetry re-entered his thoughs. He enrolled in a poetry class for the second semester of his 12th grade year and in this class his creative side blossomed. Writing on average two poems every week he became a better poet and an even better rapper. When the school year was over and Reid had graduated high school, he still wanted to write, so he began to write his own verses to songs that were already made and put them on social websites such as Facebook and YouTube.
Now, three years later, he has released four experimental street albums, including one with a friend/group member. J Reid is currently working on new music and you can always find his latest music on

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